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The Scars She Hides by iatesantaforlunch
The Scars She Hides
"And morbidly I wonder
how she'll look once
she's completely

because when I peer
inside the cracks
in her being
all I see is

the universe
at me"
My sister ordered a Dyuke head for me last... Either at the end of November or early December, not sure. We ordered from a dealer (awesome feedback, by the way) and the time of arrival varies greatly. For some, they get it right away, but others have to wait a month or two.

I'm guessing the head will arrive at February. It's a long wait but it'll be worth it. =D


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Aries Hillsen
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hey, hey, hey! So, let's start with names, because that's the normal thing to do, no matter how un-normal I am, or how un-normal you are, even, for the record. Is that even a word? Un-normal? Well, let's pretend it is. I'd use abnormal but, hey, where's the fun in that, huh? Back to names, mine is... You know what? Let's not use the concept of having to know names. Let's use aliases. So, let's try that again.

Hello! I'm Aries Hillsen! You can say that isn't really my name, but in two of the stories I've written, that's what I call the character that represents me. Well, one is inspired by the Percy Jackson series, including The Heroes of Olympus, and the other one by the Harry Potter series. The protagonists are the same (me and my two friends who I call homeys) and yeah, you get the point. So, meet Aries Hillsen. That's me.

I used to love anime and Japan, but something happened and it just faded. What I do love, always and forever, is Great Britain. You just have to love the accent! Very posh, don't you think? I also love the shows to the very core, not to mention my favorite actors or both English (Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston) and my favorite show is Sherlock. So cool. Isn't D.I. Greg Lestrade a charmer?

I'm currently taking up animation and game development. It's been a blast, so far. One day, and believe me when I say this, you'll see my name in the ending credits of a movie. And that movie's gonna be great.

I enjoy music and I'm a movie junkie. I just love watching movies. Even shows. There's a real charm in the stories, you know? Oftentimes, when watching, I realize my life is so dull compared to what's unraveling before my eyes. I've yet to embark on that great adventure. I'm waiting for it, I know it'll come.

Well, there you have it, then! Did I miss anything? No? Settled, now, are we? That went better than I thought! Leave a message, then, if you'd like. Go on, I don't bite.

Kidding. Oh, and before I forget, I love tennis and Rafa Nadal's my favorite. That's all, ciao!

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